About Us

Boiling Springs Florist was established by Lela Blanton in 1971.

Her love for growing and arranging flowers led her to take a floral design class at Cleveland Community College. Her instructor encouraged her to open a florist. In 1971 she opened in the basement of her and her husband Carl’s home on Gaffney Road 2 miles south of Boiling Springs, NC.

The business grew and thrived at that location for 19 years. Through the years her daughter Renee worked for her, and Lela taught her how to design flowers and operate the business. After graduation from Gardner Webb College and marrying Randy Walker in 1981 Renee began working/or her mother full time.

In 1990, Renee purchased Boiling Springs Florist from her mother. Renee and Randy purchased a lot and built at their present location, 207 South Main Street in Boiling Springs, NC. Lela continued to work at the florist for Renee until her death in 2012.

Through the 51 years we have seen the florist industry go through many changes. Such as quality improvement of silk flowers, addition of balloons, computers, cell phones, GPS, and credit cards.

In the last 51 years we have been blessed to have many wonderful full and part time employees to help us build our business and serve our customers and community. We have also been blessed to work with wonderful wholesale companies and delivery truck drivers.

We are thankful for all of our customers who have kept us in business for 51 years.

Today we offer fresh cut flowers, silk flowers, plants, balloons, stuffed animals, candy and goodie baskets. We also offer our services to help with births, deaths, weddings, anniversaries, banquets, in any and all parts of the occasions. We deliver throughout Cleveland County, parts of Rutherford County and parts of Cherokee County, SC. Our goal today remains the same as it was in 1971. give our customers the best quality, freshest flowers at a reasonable cost.

Renee and Randy Walker
Owners – Boiling Springs Florist